Our Story

St. Best Jamaican Cuisine is situated in the heart of East London Walthamstow. I am the first Black woman to occupy a Jamaican Shop at Crates, St. James Street which has brought about a lot of customers all over London to taste our JERK Signature dishes.

I started off cooking for night shelters and other charities in my local community which then further ignited  my passion to expand into a Shop. This however came with a hefty price as I had no loans, investments or resources to bring this dream to reality. Through hard work, multiple sacrifices and continuously injecting benefit money I was finally able to open my first shop in September 2019.

St. Best serves the best in Jerk Chicken,Jerk Salmon, Jerk Seabass, Jerk Goat, Jerk pork Jerk Breadfruit and Jerk Patties providing everything JERK. Not to mention we serve authentic traditional Jamaican dishes as well and we continue to have Ital dishes on our menu at all times!

All recipes and cooking skills was passed down by my mother as I wanted to bring my beautiful Island Jamaica to the tip of my customers tongue and without a doubt my food embodies exactly that. If you haven’t visited Jamaica before, not to worry St.Best JA Cuisine can arouse anyones taste buds to the point they want to visit the island and all the colourful, delicious and tasty food it has to offer.

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